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About WES Community

Founded in 2012, Whiskeytown Environmental School Community (WES Community) is a non-profit organization 501 (c)(3) that supports the outdoor education and science mission of Whiskeytown Environmental School (WES).  The 2018 Carr Fire burned facilities at the school and closed the site.  As a result, WES Community now serves as the fundraising partner for the rebuild of WES.

Many of us are former WES employees and resource professionals.  We are all passionate supporters of outdoor education!   Anecdotal feedback from students, teachers, and parents, as well as research support the effectiveness of outdoor education in learning the scientific principles that govern our environment and for the development of students’ social and emotional skills.  

In 2019, WES Community provided $11,325 in student scholarships for a final year of outdoor education at the Lassen Pines Conference Center in Viola, California.  This assistance helped six local schools close their fundraising gaps and provided students with a week of outdoor education.

WES Community partners with Whiskeytown NRA to co-sponsor the ongoing Redbud Recovery Project. The project provides an artistic and emotional venue to park staff and the community at large to recover from the effects of the Carr Fire.

WES Community is cooperating with the CREEC Network, SCOE, and the NPS in the NorCal Environmental Literacy Synthesis.   This 3-year environmental literacy project trains educational leaders and increases the use of environmental literacy as part of science education.  WES Community board members and liaisons are partnering as instructors. 

Our Mission

Whiskeytown Environmental School Community (WES Community) exists to support educational goals through immersive outdoor experiences for learners at Whiskeytown Environmental School (WES). WES Community contributes to the school’s mission through advocacy and relationship building with communities, businesses and public agencies to generate funds and further shared goals.

WES Community News

WES Community Awarded Gift

WES Community Awarded Gift

WES Community has been awarded a $217,756 gift by the Community Foundation of the North State. The gift was awarded from the Community Disaster Relief Fund and will be used to for the "Grow Back Stronger" capital campaign launched in July, 2022. The Grow Back Stronger...

Manzanita School Students Donate to WES

Manzanita School Students Donate to WES

Students made Whiskeytown Environmental School their "Change the World" project for the 2021-2022 school year. For an entire year, preschool through 5th grade students dropped their spare change into a donation jar, with an end of year total of $482. Children, working...

Giving Tuesday is Here!

November 30, 2021 is our big day! Giving Tuesday is a region-wide event to raise money for nonprofitsthat support and enrich our community. WES Community is focusing on capacity building to execute its capital campaign feasibility study. Next year will be our kick-off...

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Thank you so much for letting me come to the wonderful Whiskeytown Environmental school itself.  I had so much fun hiking, learning, and being there at WES camp.  I will never forget my once-in-a-lifetime experience.  One day I hope to see Whiskeytown Enviormental [sic] School and my naturalist, Antalope [sic] Andy, again.


WES Camp Student