Sierra Pacific Foundation Donates $1.1 Million

WES Community is thrilled to announce a generous donation from the Sierra Pacific Foundation to assist in the rebuilding at Whiskeytown Environmental School.  The $1.1 million donation will go towards both the rebuilding of student housing and student fees for the week long program.

The announcement was made at WES, with representatives present from Sierra Pacific Industries, the Shasta County Office of Education, WES Community, and Whiskeytown National Recreation Area/National Park Service.

“WES camp has been such an important facility, [an] institution in our community; it’s been such an important part of so many of our educations,” said Michelle Nystrom, Community Relations Manager for SPI. “I came here in fifth grade, I came back as a counselor, all of my kids came here, my daughter was a counselor. And that story is true for so many of our crew members [at SPI] and their kids.”

“On behalf of the Board of WES Community, we are deeply appreciative of this generous gift to aid in the rebuilding of student housing at Whiskeytown Environmental School and provide assistance with student tuition,” Dr. Melinda Kashuba said.  Judy Flores, Shasta County Schools Superintendent added, “We are incredibly grateful to the Sierra Pacific Foundation for this generous donation, which will move us closer to re-opening our residential program. Many Shasta County residents went to WES as children, and later their own children and grandchildren attended WES. We can’t wait to resume that wonderful community tradition.”

Our community’s youth will benefit for years to come thanks to this support from the Sierra Pacific Foundation.

Read the press release here.

Watch the news report here.