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With the “Grow Back Stronger Solution”, Whiskeytown Environmental School Community seeks to bring children back to WES as soon as possible using modular housing and dining facilities by Fall of 2023.

Modular facilities allow for the return of overnight programming, more field labs and summer camps.  This short-term solution allows 4,000 students per year to be outdoors and benefit from the “WES Experience” as soon as possible.  

Team partners National Park Service, the Shasta Country Office of Education, local engineering firms, and WES Community have developed this plan to get students back to WES by Fall of 2023.  The National Park Service will pursue federal funding for the permanent long-term solution of rebuilding a sustainable campus.  Put #3a photo next to this paragraph. Title it: New Campus Vision, NMR Architects & Engineers

The  plan to return 4,000 students per year to WES during the interim period will be funded by individuals, private foundations, and community foundations/organizations students to WES with your donation


Modular Structure Budget

Modular Structures
12 units for students, staff, teacher housing x $21,000 $252,000
1 unit for offices $45,000
1 unit for health/first aid/medical center $44,000
2 shower houses + bathrooms x $152,000 $304,000
1 ADA shower house + bathroom x $248,000 $248,000
1 kitchen unit $155,000
1 dining/gathering unit $268,000
1 maintenance shed $16,000
Contingency $170,000
Total Structures $1,502,000
Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FFE)
Beds 130 beds x $920 $119,600
Office furniture $15,000
Technology $93,500
Kitchen appliances $142,000
Dining tables/chairs 30 sets x $620 $18,600
Contingency $111,300
Total FFE $500,000
Infrastructure & Repairs
Electrical $128,000
Water/Sewer/Septic $326,000
Site Prep $419,000
Contingency $125,000
Total Infrastructure $998,000
TOTAL to return children to WES by Fall 2023 $3,000,000


Manzanita School Students Donate to WES

Manzanita School Students Donate to WES

Students made Whiskeytown Environmental School their "Change the World" project for the 2021-2022 school year. For an entire year, preschool through 5th grade students dropped their spare change into a donation jar, with an end of year total of $482. Children, working...

Giving Tuesday is Here!

November 30, 2021 is our big day! Giving Tuesday is a region-wide event to raise money for nonprofitsthat support and enrich our community. WES Community is focusing on capacity building to execute its capital campaign feasibility study. Next year will be our kick-off...

Thank you so much for letting me come to the wonderful Whiskeytown Environmental school itself.  I had so much fun hiking, learning, and being there at WES camp.  I will never forget my once-in-a-lifetime experience.  One day I hope to see Whiskeytown Enviormental [sic] School and my naturalist, Antalope [sic] Andy, again.


WES Camp Student